Jorge Energy

The energy sector of Jorge Group was born as an offshoot of the pig meat business in the lands of the Ebro Valley, one of the Spain’s largest wind corridors. 
We believe in clean energy and are convinced that it is a strategic economic sector for any country 

Working: 70 MW wind farms and 40 MW photovoltaic plants
Proposed: 102 MW allotted according to auction under the shelter of the Royal decree RD947/2015 and resolution of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE) 21 in January, 2016.
In Jorge Group we’re banking on green energy and the saving of CO2 , emissions as you can see from our carbon footprint hallmark; a parameter which allows us to neutralize CO2 emissions together with other greenhouse gases. 

Wind Farms

We have wind farms in Aragón and Cantabria.

Photovoltaic Plants

We provide photovoltaic energy in Aragón, Navarra and Andalucía.


Energy efficiency proximity

Organization & Methods

In Jorge Group we look after all stages of operation and maintenance in the energy sector with full control of all processes:


We carry out the engineering in our wind farms thanks to a professional and highly qualified team of workers.


We can tackle all the maintenance and carry out the follow-ups in our wind farms thanks to specialized technicians in wind and photovoltaic technology.

Control centers

As well as each facility having its own control center, all the facilities are supervised from our control centre in Zuera.

Repairs workshop

We have a repairs workshop in Plasencia equipped with a gantry crane for the repairing of large parts such as gearboxes, generators, etc.

Wind energy

A valuable clean alternative

Wind energy does not release pollutant emissions into the environment or enhance the greenhouse effect. It is an inexhaustible source of fuel, thereby being a valuable alternative in non-renewable combustibles.

Spain is the world’s second largest producer of this type of energy and Jorge Group took the decision years ago to opt for renewables by setting up several wind farms.

The first of the group’s wind farms was built on our own land between 1999 and 2001.

  • 70 MW of net output attributable to Jorge Group
Dehesa del coscojar
Location: Plasencia de Jalón
Power rating: 15 MW
Technology: Nordex N43
Year: 1999
El Águila
Location: Pedrola
Power rating: 19.5 MW
Technology: Nordex N62
Year: 2001
La Sía y Montija
Location: Merindad de Montija
Power rating: 40.30 MW
Technology: Made AE61
Year: 2006
Páramo de la Poza
Location: Poza de la Sal
Power rating: 99.75 MW
Technology: Ecotecnia ECO-48
Year: 2002
Sancho Abarca
Location: Tauste
Power rating: 10.2 MW
Technology: Vestas V90
Year: 2010
Santa Quitería
Location: Tardienta
Power rating: 36 MW
Technology: Vestas NM52
Year: 2004

Photovoltaic energy

Third biggest world market

The use of solar panels for the direct conversion of solar radiation into energy has grown sharply over the last few years. Technological advances and the reduction of costs mean that this cheap ecological energy choice will become ever more accessible to consumers.

In each panel, solar radiation excites electrons in a semiconductor generating a small difference in potential. These systems, connected in series, enable us to obtain ever greater potential.

Spain is the third biggest world market for photovoltaic panels and Jorge Group possesses several plants. We produce electrical energy from solar panels in photovoltaic plants in Aragón, Navarra and Andalucía.

We have 6 ground-mounted and two building-mounted solar parks with an installed power of 36,76 MW.

Arroyo del Borbollón
Arroyo del Borbollón
Location: Espejo
Power rating: 1.87 MW
Technology: Seguimiento un eje
Year: 2008
Cubierta Plaza
Solavanti V
Location: Zaragoza
Power rating: 1,5 MW
Technology: Estructura fija
Year: 2013
Cubierta Secadero
Location: Zuera
Power rating: 0.36 MW
Technology: Estructura fija
Year: 2012
Helioparque Castelnou
Location: Castelnou
Power rating: 1.1 MW
Technology: Estructura fija
Year: 2008
Helioparque La Torre
Location: Murchante
Power rating: 1.1 MW
Technology: Seguimiento dos ejes
Year: 2008
Plasencia Solar
Location: Plasencia de Jalón
Power rating: 4 MW
Technology: Estructura Fija
Year: 2010
Location: Vinaceite
Power rating: 8 MW
Technology: Seguimiento dos ejes
Year: 2008
Zuera Solar
Location: Zuera
Power rating: 9 MW
Technology: Seguimiento un eje
Year: 2008
Zuera Solar II
Zuera Solar
Location: Zuera
Power rating: 9,9 MW
Technology: Seguimiento un eje
Year: 2013


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