Present and future

Proud of our family roots, today - thanks to the enthusiasm of the succeeding generations, to the uniting of forces and to the diversification of our business activity - we have reached a volume and capacity of production that makes us one of the foremost industrial groups in Europe, with an advantageous position within the fabric of the national meat producing network; a leading position which we intend to maintain and improve on as we head towards a future full of interesting possibilities.  

In recent years we have made progress with our strategy of capturing growth in International markets and economies, attaining a competitive position whose sales already make up 80% of our income. Furthermore, we have been able to continue to grow all the while, fulfilling our targets and making serious investments in order to make ourselves a more competitive, more modern business equipped with automated facilities that allow us to offer our clients products of the highest quality in any part of the world.

Our objectives

And some facts and figures...

Our aim: To become a regional, national and international point of reference in the businesses of pig meat farming and production and energy. To be a business group that takes part in the development of sectors which are important to the economy. And a business which is committed to economic and social progress wherever it is present.

We aim to satisfy our clients’ needs with regard to innovation, quality and security of products and services.

To optimize the profitability of managed resources thereby increasing operating and financial efficiency.

And to work towards the improvement of the society in which we live: sustainable economic growth, creation of stable and dignified jobs and respect for the economic, social and environmental environment.


In the last 5 years Jorge Group has tripled its turnover. The pork meat sector makes up 95% of our sales.


Most of the volume of the turnover comes from our exports, which have become an International point of reference.


Jorge Group is one of Aragón’s main industrial groups. creating over 4,200 jobs

Our history

Family roots, constant change

Our origins go back to the buying and selling of porcine livestock which was begun more than 80 years ago by D. Tomás Samper Albalá, fatherof D. Fernando Samper Pinilla.

The spirit of sacrifice, the effort put into the work, and the desire to found a wealthy business drove the Samper family to create a business which has been growing constantly since the very beginning.

Our focus on purely commercial activity began just over activity 30 years ago with the creation of the commercial venture Jorge S.L. (the current leader of this group of Aragonese businesses), and the production of livestock. In the early nineties, we took control of all the aspects of the the meat industry, acquiring slaughterhouses and cutting halls.

But our long journey has given us the appetite for more. We want to keep growing, and to keep doing so continuously, faithfully following the tenacious example of our founder, committed to the environment and our surroundings, as well as bringing quality food to people in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our objective was to form a vertically-structured business consortium which would join forces and take advantage of the inherent synergies in order to assume total control of all the production processes, making full use of resources and maximizing profits. It is for this reason that throughout the 90s, with the progressive incorporation of new generations of the family, we have widened our area of business. In this way we are developing the manufacture of meat products and processed meats, while covering all the processes of the pig-meat chain of production.

We continue to invest in our industrial meat production plants in order to attain maximum efficiency and automation.

We look forward to the future with new renewable energy projects, as well as the continued sustainable growth of our hardwood plantation.

Corporate policy

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Jorge Group intends to carry out its business activities correctly and responsibly, with integrity and high standards of ethics and of transparency.

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Ethical Code

The Ethical Code is applied to all areas of conduct of all societies belonging to the Business Group, directors and personnel.

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Ethical Channel and Ethical Postbox

In order to ensure the following of this Code, Jorge Group uses an Ethical Channel to which anyone can freely accede

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