Environmental sustainability

At Grupo Jorge we believe environmental sustainability is the path to a better future. We open up new directions, investing in research, innovation and diversification to reach all four corners of the globe, looking after what really matters: the health of you and your loved ones, the quality of our products and a healthy respect for the environment.
We are firmly committed as a company to the idea of developing a sustainable business and instigating changes that bolster this move. Thus, we have established a solid environmental strategy that will contribute to protecting our environment and improving society as we build the world we deserve.
Our aim is to grow with you in a way that is both sustainable and respectful, facilitating suitable development of our work and feeding into a brighter, healthier future.

Feeding the planet

We take steps to put a brake on climate change with offsetting projects all over the world

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Feeding the planet

Commited to the

2030 agenda

Within the framework of the 2030 Agenda adopted by the UN, Grupo Jorge adheres to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), actively participating and putting our expertise into specific actions aimed at achieving various SDGs.

These SDGs comprise 17 global goals for 2030, aiming to end poverty, fight against inequality and injustice and tackle climate change. The goals provide a visionary, overarching framework for global cooperation and action, bring all the interested parties together to address and remedy these challenges proactively.

  • 1 No poverty
  • 2 Zero hunger
  • 3 Good health & well-being
  • 4 Quality education
  • 5 Gender equality
  • 7 Affordable & clean energy
  • 9 Industry, innovation & infrastructures
  • 12 Responsible consumption & production
  • 13 Climate action
  • 15 Life on land

Cyclical economy

We are committed to improving the management of our resources and significantly reducing waste, this latter through the recovery of by-products which are reinserted into the production process (via heat treatment of pig by-products to produce feed for pets and aquaculture).

All this helps foster a Cyclical Economy, involving all stages in our production in reusing resources and favouring the practice of industrial symbiosis, far from the traditional model used to-date (manufacture – consume – eliminate waste), while reducing the consumption of finite resources.

Commited to the

Carbon footprint

The legislative measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gases are inducing private organisations to commit to lowering their use of fossil fuels.

We take on the responsibility that corresponds to us as a business group arising from our production activity. Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum, calculating our carbon footprint and reducing it year on year. We aim to avoid emissions by generating renewable energy and building positive results that show our respect for the environment.

Carbon footprint

The future is renewable

Grupo Jorge remains firmly committed to innovation, using renewable energy and co-generation since the first wind farm opened in 1999. We have managed to reduce our emissions in 2019 and balance them out, generating a positive balance of 16,722 tons CO2e.

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Leading the pack

Environmental and socio-economic sustainability are singularly important in Spain and the European Union, both in the demands and controls imposed by organisations and in the production models that sectoral companies are required to use. This legislative framework is the most demanding in the world in matters of animal welfare, food safety and care for the environment.

At Grupo Jorge, we are proud to always lead the way, applying advances even before they come to be a legal requirement. The Group is a pioneer in Spain: we were one of the first 35 signatories of the One Health World Summit accords on safe use of antibiotics with livestock; a trailblazer in the socio-economically sustainable use of renewable energies and in diversification and full traceability.

BREF Documents

Bat Reference Documents

These European reference documents cover the use of the Best Available Techniques, i.e. the environmental requirements that companies need to meet. Grupo Jorge was involved in the writing of the Spanish document, as part of ANICE (Spanish National Meat Industries Association).

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